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Solaris package activity moved to

I've moved Solaris / OpenIndiana / OmniOS software packaging activity over to

Nachsehliste der Republica #rpTEN 2016 und @subscribe #sub7 Podcast Workshop

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Entwurf - Brötchen - Lange Teigführung

*Entwurf* Ergänzungen: Teig von Frischhaltefolie lösen


Im schwäbischen könnte man diese Sorte auch so ähnlich als "Wasserwecken" bezeichnen. Das sieht dann zum Beispiel so aus:

SFEgcc.spec now uses -zinterpose to ensure runtime libraries are loaded before libc

Update: For SFEgcc 4.8 SFE still uses the LINK_LIBGCC_SPEC to really load the very own gcc runtime if ever possible (20150515)

Thanks to some notes from a well known compiler guru, I got aware of an important but unfortunatly not default setting in the gcc compiler.

bootstrap SFE build environment on OpenIndiana oi151a8

Just wanted to drop a note:

bootstrap SFE build environment

you can get bootstrap-sfe-latest here:

Login as regular user and read the script output.

If you have access to the next version of Solaris, then use this script version:

Update 20131225: *lastest* and *testing* are currently the same script, just mind that *testing* might get an important fix earlier then the other script.

use case

Below see my drupal project for

potentially usefull Jenkins (Hudson) Modules

This is my dumping space for Jenkins Modules which may be usefull to build SFE packages half or fully automated.

General reading on Jenkins: 'Jenkins: The Definitive Guide' (buy or download PDF under Creative Commons License)

gcc cookbook for a distribution

Quick and condensed my thoughts about how a gcc should be compiled to plan forward for future upgrades and safety measure to not interfere with other gcc runtime libraries you might have.
A distribution does keep the door open for future changes without breaking old binaries if following the concept from below.

Update to the GNU gcc spec file experimental/SFEgcc-runpath.spec

Update: I put together a condensed set of notes for a distribution to make up a nice gcc configuration here:
Update: As of end of December 2011 the new setup for gcc described below has been released from experimental a long time ago - and no known bugs yet.
Unfortunatly the OS-Distro provided gcc-4 series compilers still do not follow this approach.

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