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bootstrap SFE build environment on OpenIndiana oi151a8

Just wanted to drop a note:

The well known bootstrap-sfe-latest (currently in sync with bootstrap-sfe-testing) is an easy setup script for installing your own build environment.
It has been enhanced to run on OpenIndiana oi151a8 (
Tough I did not test it myself, it might as well run on OpenIndiana Hipster (
Only the changed package collection in Hipster may get you in one or the other troubles with not yet tested combinations of package versions. Even more likely you'll find some very few packages available in SFE be duplicated in Hipster. This process inHipster has not yet finished, so on the SFE side, we are in monitoring mode. Only later in the Hipster development phase we may add some logic to SFE to work with the changed package collection. I myself test SFE packages on oi151a8 (and Solaris 11.0)

You can get the bootstrap script here:

find usage instructions here:

Please ask, if you have any questions around SFE, bootstrap script and so on. You can use the Email on the
project site of or vist the online chat on
(be sure to hang around for at lest several _hours_ if you wait on answers! SFE is distributed worldwide, so try 24h)

As always, you can run the build-environment on your regular global zone, but for experimental stuff we recommend to use a non-global-zone to compile, package and test the software and later on install the packages on your global zone.

PS: this article applies to version bootstrap-sfe-latest-20131102-1725

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